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...was the title of the program presented by AAStL's treasurer CATHY SCHNITTKER at the August 9, 1998 meeting. For the past year she has been working with asteroids in delineation using the Eastpoint1 and Vertex2 as well as the Solar Arc3 and her program focused on this study.

She provided the group with printed handouts, Asteroids: Glyphs and Keys. After a brief introduction demonstrating how she begins to incorporate asteroids into a pattern using the Glyph/Keys handout with the charts of Jeffrey Daumer, mass murderer, (May 20, 1950, 4:34 p.m. CDT, Milwaukee, WI) and Stevie Nicks, singer/songwriter, (May 26, 1948, 3:02 a.m., MST, Phoenix, AZ), CATHY settled down to the main chart for her presentation: Russell Eugene Weston, Jr. (She uses 3-5° orbs for major aspects and 2° orbs for other aspects.)

WESTON, described as a loner and diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, was accused of shooting and killing two guards at the Capitol Building and wounding a woman tourist on July 24, 1998, 3:40 pm, EDT, Washington, DC. With a bit of mystery, CATHY passed out a large, 360° hand-drawn chart for WESTON embellished with asteroids and a small 360° wheel aspectarian (used for highlighting specific aspect "event-pictures") along with a bowl of folded slips of paper from which those present were asked to draw.

The chart showed WESTON's natal chart, calculated for Dec. 28, 1956, 10:54 am*, CDT, Valmeyer, IL, Koch houses, his directed3 placements around it, and an outer ring of transits for the day of the shooting. (*Cathy derived a birthtime using Uranus' natal position adjusted for this event.) She then compared WESTON's Vertex, MC, ASC, Anti-Vertex with both the "Gemini Rising" U.S. chart and the "Scorpio" U.S. chart (bi-wheel: Gemini rising chart=inner wheel with house cusps; Scorpio chart=outer planets). For example, WESTON's solar directed MC was square the Gemini natal Vertex; the Gemini directed Vertex was square WESTON's natal ASC, and the Gemini directed ASC was conjunct WESTON's Vesta (asteroid of intense focus and dedication.) Similar points also showed up in the Scorpio chart: Scorpio natal Vertex conjunct WESTON's descendant, Scorpio directed MC Vertex sesquiquadrate WESTON's natal ASC.

At the time of the shooting, the transiting Sun in the fifth house was conjunct transiting asteroid Diana, which describes "evasive or hunter/prey behavior". In reality, WESTON tried to evade the metal detector at the entrance to the Capitol building by running around it and on into the building. WESTON, 41, was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic while a teenager. He was receiving medication for this condition but had stopped taking it, bringing on greater emotional instability. Asteroid Psyche, conjunct his (derived) descendant at 14° Virgo 04', describes "emotional trauma/vulnerability; brain, head."

For additional asteroidal insights, CATHY contacted NELDA TANNER (who gave a workshop this past June). CATHY obtained the following from NELDA: Asteroid Russell was at 10° Cancer 18'; sesquiquad. The event ASC, inconj. Uranus, parallel to Vesta, conj. the Vertex. Transiting asteroid Eugenia was at 6°Gem 38' opp. Pluto in Sag. Asteroid Wesson was at 19°Taurus 23' parallel transiting Moon, inconj. Apollon (trans-Neptunian point associated with " fame, notoriety, opportunities" conj. Admetos (a trans-Neptunian point associated with "blockages, compression, narrow focus".)

CATHY SCHNITTKER brought members of the audience into her program by asking people to put the asteroid symbols/keywords into the drama of the event. At the close of the session, CATHY asked those present to open the slip of paper they had previously drawn. On each slip was an asteroid/aspect having to do with WESTON and the event. Members then described the event of the Capitol shooting using the asteroids, planets, and angles involved, telling a grim and tragic story of blighted intensity in great detail. -- CATHY, as evidenced above, likes to use as many "ingredients" in her analysis as possible: "The more (points, asteroids, etc.) I use, the more they show things."

by Pauline Sieve (with Rose Jenkins)

1 Eastpoint is calculated as follows: take the natal MC, and look up 0° latitude (equator) to see what the ASC would be at the equator. (Emphasizes the qualities of the Ascendant).

2 Vertex calculation: subtract the latitude of the birthplace from 90°(or 89° 60"); this gives the co-latitude. Then take the sign/degree on the 4th cusp as the MC at the co-latitude. This gives the Vertex (for the Northern hemisphere). Find the ASC that corresponds with the new MC - i.e., the 4th house cusp at the co-latitude. (The anti-vertex is the point opposite the vertex). The significance of the Vertex, according to CATHY's reference authors Noel Tyl and Zip Dobyns (and others) is: "people encountered in an individual's life in a 'fated way' as a blend of the 7th and 10th cusp areas of life. The Anti-Vertex is an emphasis, then, of the 1st and 4th cusps (showing a more personal/subjective dimension).

3 Solar Arc Directions: 1 day=365.25 days divided by 24 hours/day = 15.22 days/hour (equivalent real time). Further divide hours into minutes and then into seconds for the actual solar arc movement corresponding to the lapsed "ephemeris" time.



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