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The Cosmos infuses every Atom with an Essence consisting of Spirit, Being and Consciousness...
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For more information on AAStL events (and other spiritual/ metaphysical / holistic activities
please see Pathfinder's website or visit AAStL.net
All programs on the 2nd Sunday of the month start at 2 pm unless otherwise noted.

For more information contact Audria at (314) 963-7914 or email AstrologyStL@gmail.com

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>Note to members: if you have a handout or body of data that you'd like to share, please send me a copy via email. Pauline's Pages apparently was moved to another location and is unavailable at present. SORRY!

Astrology is and has always been about our connection with the Universe. It is a divine tool which, properly used, can bring about a profound alignment between the individual and the cosmos.
In existence since 1974, the AAStL, is a non-profit, benevolent, educational organization dedicated to promoting greater understanding of and research into the cosmic principles of astrology. By enhancing awareness of our Cosmic potential, AAStL fosters conscious, personal growth through the responsible use of this Wisdom Tool.
Besides a monthly meeting, with refreshments included, workshops and other activities, we put out a bi-monthly Bulletin.
If you would like a past issue of the Bulletin to print out, see: Bulletin.  ( Download Size: about 604k  |  Download Time: several minutes. )

For an HTML version of a sample Pauline's Page, see Asteroid Delineations

Sample Program Handout (February 2003) Pt 1: Uranus: Individualism and Group Mind–The Paradox  (176k).  Ref. & Charts, Pt 2 (144k).
Download Adobe's helper application for viewing and printing the sampler Bulletin if necessary. Go to Adobe's site to download Acrobat.

Membership Info –  The AAStL meets the 2nd Sunday of the month (unless otherwise noted) at:
spaceBrentwood Community Center
space2505 S. Brentwood Blvd.
spaceBrentwood, MO 63144
space(unless otherwise noted)
Membership dues are $25 a year; AstrologyStL@gmail.com for more info about becoming a member.

(At regular meetings, visitors may wish to give a donation at the door to help promote the organization's teaching activities. THANK YOU!)

For Special Events, registration fees will be listed in the description.
>> Pick up the Pathfinder at: Ladue Schnucks, CWE Straubs, Whole Foods, Chesterfield Dierberg's, Sappington Market, Johnny's Market (Gravois), Natural Way and other health food stores. Also look for the Pathfinder at the Brentwood Community Center, Mystic Valley, Living Insights Center, and other spiritual centers, bookstores, libraries, coffee shops. . . If you don't find a Pathfinder stop near you, ask your favorite place to carry it! (Call Rose at 314-863-2241, or email plasma@brick.net to let me know of places that will carry the Pathfinder.)  Top

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