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leftside butterfly art by Rose A Jenkins Jul/Aug 2022 cover.
Expanded Early Summer Edition

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Click on “Contents” button to bring up an abridged pdf for the Jul/Aug 22 Pathfinder. Note: Articles from other sites reprinted as “fair use.” Credit noted. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Abridged. May be modified for inclusion in Pathfinder.—The Editor
“The Sea at Satta in Suruga Province”  Art from copyright-free "Dover's 120 Japanese Prints." By Hiroshige

Comment:  Summer tumults; a harmony of nature, balance between chaos and order.
Jul/Aug 22 issue of Pathfinder (Updated bimonthly)  Had to move the Pathinder site, and all the fun that entails. Not as bad as packing up a house, but still pesky. Updates finally underway.
— the Editor

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