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leftside butterfly art by Rose A Jenkins Mar/Apr & May/Jun 2023.
Spring Edition
This is a double issue, with material that was to have been included in the May/Jun 2023. Other such information will appear in the Jul/Aug 2023 issue coming up. (Editor takes a break.)
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Click on “Contents” button to access the double issue, Mar/Apr, May/Jun 23 Pathfinder pdf (selected pages). Note: Articles from other sites reprinted as “fair use.” Credit noted. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Abridged. May be modified for inclusion in Pathfinder.—The Editor
“Past the Purple Tower, into the stormy wet of spring; cloud banks like mountains.”  Original art © 2023 by Rose A. Jenkins.   Comment:  Magic moments happen when you Look.
Mar/Apr & May/Jun 2023 issue of Pathfinder  A couple of changes have been made to simplify the Pathfinder site (and make it easier on the webperson/editor). The above buttons will take you to the relevant parts. Thanks for your understanding.

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