Time Patterns
Finding Answers

... to help you discover
a Path to your Destiny, a way to live in Harmony with your Mission…
Updated 2012

purple space  Astrology is a mirror . . .
Use it when you want to know the Truth about your strength, challenges, lessons, and karmic patterns.

redspace  Find Out
Who–How–What you were meant to be. Tools you should have for self-understanding – the key to Wisdom and the first step towards Harmony, through self-acceptance leading to self-transformation.

goldspace  It is also the best clue. . .
in choosing the most viable path to improving your personal life, the right partner, the right profession or job, and understanding what challenges confront you as Mother Earth undergoes her transformation.

goldspace  Report Types (and Graphic Chart Option)

I have studied and applied these lessons to myself first, and feel that I will be able to help guide you through the usual pitfalls of Ego, Denial, Self-Sabotage. If interested, please see reports and email me about your concern or call. Confidential.


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*Astrologer  I've studied astrology for over 20 years and have obtained unique and independent perspectives on how to apply this Cosmic science to our lives.

>> Member of AAStL since '94; served as Sec., Newsletter Editor, (6 terms), VP & Program Chairman (2 terms); President (2 terms).

*Artist  Painter; graphic artist, poet & writer, editor

*Scientific Mystic   Nature is the visible language of the Divine…

*Earth Keeper and Guardian  


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