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LINKS. . .   Where some of the web's most truthful and reliable information can be found
Spiritual / Inspirational News / Information Health / Environment Useful Places
Pathfinder News   The "homefront" for me, as Editor/Publisher of this multi- dimensional tool of evolution and inspiration.

Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment   For me (and many others), Edgar Cayce helped clarify and broaden my "awakening," – to deeper realms of Spirit, and multi- dimensional lives. . .

Share International   Providing an inspirational framework for spiritual change.
WantToKnow  This site delves deep.

Common Dreams


Nation of Change   Another excellent place to receive true takes on our "interesting" times.

The Brad Blog   A good place to keep track of the illogical state of our electoral system.

Black Box Voting   Tracks the systematic, electronic attack on our voting system, shining a much needed spotlight on electronic voting.

Dr. Mercola   Excellent overall health Site. Other important health sites are:

Mission Possible, Dorway (aspartame related)

Responsible Technology (Jeff Smith's site on the dangers of GMOs

Organic Consumers Assoc. Keeping a weather eye out on the environment, food and politics.
AAStL    Astrological Association of St. Louis, a learning place for astrology.

NOAA Weather

Space Weather


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